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Business to Business

Our Business to Business service works to empower businesses to help them provide end to end logistic solution and support with flexible pricing. FastBeetle’s instant pick-up and delivery services aid the retailers and merchants in their growth in an effective and efficient manner.

Business to Customer

Our Business to Customer service implements the customer service logistic needs in one click by providing quicker service pick-ups and service deliveries to the customers. From picking up customer parcels from the East and delivering them to the West, FastBeetle works with readiness to avail customers with the only of its kind messenger service.


Business to Business

Efficient and Growth for your business
  • Fully integrated pick up mechanism
  • Transparent pay-out policy
  • Competitive pricing

Business to Customer

On demand and right on time
  • Quickest order delivery
  • On demand pick-up service
  • End to end tracking management system

Frequently asked questions

How can I on-board as a merchant to your site?

There is a simple process to follow. You can visit our website and fill the details for registering with us. Everything else can be then availed to you through our system.

Do you provide COD option? If yes, how does it work?

Yes, we provide COD option. We collect money from the customer and within 7 working days the amount gets transferred directly to the merchant's Bank Account.

Does FastBeetle provide end-to-end pick-up and delivery services?

Yes, we work to provide end-to-end solution and support to our customers by reaching them from wherever they are to wherever they want us to go.

How transparent is your system?

Our tech-driven process makes our system evident and accountable to your queries. From the billing process to the order ones, everything is fair enough for you through the correspondence in our integrated system.

Do customers get intimated of tracking process?

Our customer support is our prime focus, getting them the intimation of the order tracking is managed by our system well. Our technology takes care of all your tracking process in one click.

What about your pick-up and delivery timings?

Under normal circumstances, the orders get delivered within 24 hours of pick up. Because we are FastBeetles, we ensure fastest delivery of your products.

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